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Mar 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
think you will agree that that will likely be changed with the sequester lock. >> so you are taking a political that somehow this will be turned off and it will be changed and therefore you don't have to account for the increased spending of $1.1 trillion? >> we are accounting for everything in the end. and mr. ryan takes all the savings that would have been in defense and puts it all on the nondefense side. i've hundred billion dollars. that will also -- $500 billion. that will also change the sequester law. it is nonfunctional and will not stand for nine years. i think it is a very sensible adjustment to the baseline. >> senator sessions, we will go back and forth here. >> i don't think this matters close. i don't believe it's closed. i believe you are not counting -- it's a fact you are not counting the additional $1.1 trillion that increases spending when you change the sequester and come as a result, you can't use your new tax revenue and some other cuts to pay for it. if you use them, then you haven't reduced the deficit because you have raised the spending. senator, we are cl
Mar 17, 2013 6:30pm EDT
made certain compromises. we made certain changes. that is one that we made. >> i call what my amendment o13118. >> 13118. without objection, that is before the committee. >> this amendment would allow to obtainof counties and possessed them prohibited by the legislation. as we know, across our border to the south transnational criminal organizations are equipped with fully automatic [inaudible] organizations have expanded their footprint to the united states through drug trafficking and human trafficking. these cartels are dangerous, as the cartels that supports organizations. we know they're operating along the southwestern border. i cannot in good conscience tell my constituents the federal government will deny them the freedom to defend their families from these organizations. i would ask my colleagues to support the amendment. respond,, again, this is another way to create a nip and tuck. the bill contains nearly 100 pages of make and model that are exempted. there are plenty of weapons out there. whole point of the bill is to reduce the supply, possession, transfer and sa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2